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Smoothie All Around Paddle Board 10′6

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Our flagship, True all-around line of boards.

These round nosed boards allow extra stability for the first-time paddler, while intermediate paddlers can continue to develop their surf and paddle skills.
The Smoothies are the ideal family of SUPs for paddlers who want to enjoy paddling in flat waters, cruising around the harbor or exploring the lake.
Practicing SUP YOGA would be ideal with the Smoothie due to the high volume, wide tail and nose which create most stable feeling, and calm blue and white tones.
Available in Epoxy and also in Carbon constructions, these boards can also be fun to play within the low to mid-range surf conditions.

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Product Description

  • 10’6” X 32″ X 4.7”

    Volume: 201.5 Liters

    Weight: ACT- 23lbs | VST - 28lbs

    Construction: Carbon ACT | Epoxy VST


Smoothie 10'6 rider skill levels
Advanced Carbon Tech is our most developed and cutting edge build process. Designed to be lightweight while keeping the strength and flex ability of the board.