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About Us

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport, which comes as no shock to us here at Focus SUP Hawaii!

Let us set the scene…

Imagine paddling anywhere in the world, witnessing the greatest spots in existence without limitations or boundaries. No lake is too vast and no ocean is too choppy.

Focus SUP Hawaii has built more than a brand – we’ve created a lifestyle.

Since 2008, Focus SUP Hawaii has aimed to design boards that make users feel like they are one with the water, rather than solely riding on top of it.

From surf to race to all around paddling, our diverse lineup is fully equipped to conquer any adventure you set your eyes on.

Focus SUP Hawaii has expanded our distribution so we can serve you wherever and whenever. With our advanced global distribution network and unparalleled customer service, we will bring a taste of Hawaii to wherever you call home!

Through extensive material sourcing, advanced shapes, and a wide range of models, we can guarantee the best ride of your life at a price accessible to everyone.

Water you waiting for? Get out and paddle!


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