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Accessibility Statement

The Internet constitutes the largest resource supporting freedom of information today for the
user community in general and for users with disabilities in particular. For that reason we
place emphasis on granting equal service to people with disabilities who use information
displayed on the website, and on improving their browsing experience.

We seek to ensure that our digital services will be accessible to people with disabilities, and
accordingly we have invested in the website’s ease of use for people with disabilities, to the
full extent possible, in the belief that every person deserves the right to a life of equality,
respect, comfort, and independence.

Using the EqualWeb website accessibility tool
This website employs the "Nagich By Click accessibility" software and is connected through a special accessibility server. The software complies with standard SI 5568 at AA level.
The software is subject to the manufacturer’s Terms of Use. The website owners and/or agents bear the responsibility for the usage and implementation on the website, including the content displayed on the website under the Terms of Use of the Software.

How does the site’s accessibility work?
The website features an accessibility menu. A click on the menu makes accessibility buttons
available. After selecting a menu item, the user should wait for the page to be loaded.

What are the menu items?
  • Option for keyboard-based navigation
  • Adaptation of the website for NVDA assistive technology
  • Enlargement of the font on the website to 4 levels of magnification
  • Immobilization of moving elements, and stoppage of blinking
  • Altered color contrast against dark background
  • Altered color contrast against light background
  • Adaptation for color-blind users
  • Change of font for better readability
  • Enlarged cursor, and change of color to black or white
  • Enlargement of display to ~200%
  • Emphasizing links on the website
  • Emphasizing headings on the website
  • Presentation of alt text to graphics
  • Declaration of accessibility
  • Sending of accessibility feedback

Despite our efforts to apply accessibility to browsing on every webpage, it may be discovered that some of webpages have not yet received accessibility or are not suitable for any available accessibility solution.
We are continuing the effort to improve the website’s accessibility to the full extent possible, guided by our belief, and by our moral commitment, that the website should be usable by the entire population, including people with disabilities.

Accessibility arrangements at the company
Focus SUP Hawaii will update this statement from time to time after upgrading the systems.
If you find any questions regarding this statemnet please contact us via "Contact Page" or by calling our Accessibility cordinator:
Piper Brown

Last update: 1/7/2023