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Prime All Around Paddle Board 10'2

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Our flagship, true all-around line of boards.

These boards allow stability for the first-time paddler while intermediate paddlers can continue to develop their surf and paddle skills.
Prime boards are the ideal family of SUPs for paddlers who want to enjoy paddling in flat water conditions or medium waves.
Unlike the Smoothies, the Primes come with a narrow tail and a pointy nose with a little more concave, which allows a prime entrance to choppy conditions, and steeper drops.
The durability of these boards, their unique shape, and affordability made them the ideal SUP boards for most conditions.

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Product Description

  • 10’2″ X 33” X 5”

    Volume: 188 Liters

    Weight 25lbs

    Construction eCore


2018 Prime All Around Paddle Board 10

The E-Core built boards allows for a strong and affordable boards that enjoy all the lamination processes that are used in our top models construction options.