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Inflatable Paddle Board iSup 10'8

We wanted a durable, more rigid, easy to operate inflatable board and that is how the Focus AIR was born.

With double layup rails and thicker PVC fabric for strength and the latest Drop-Stitch technology available on the market for maximum stiffness, and 6” hard rails for optimal buoyancy, the Focus AIR is the right choice for you.

The Focus Air features four point tie-downs, five utility handles, nose and tail tow rings, as well as a full traction pad.tion.

Focus Gusrantee-SUP-Product

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Product Description

  • 10'8'' x 34'' x 6"

    Volume: 240 Liters

    Weight: 26lbs

    Construction: DST


Inflatable 11-6 rider skill levels
These inflatables are built tough with more stitches per square inch, heavier duty fabric, and double layup on the rails. We’ve designed a board that can handle up to 25psi, that’s 40% More rigid than the competition.