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Focus SUP Hawaii has an unconditional love for surfing!

As saltwater enthusiasts, we know the effect that the ocean can have on a person.

After catching a few waves we leave feeling happier, friendlier, and more relaxed.

In fact, surfing may be one of the most addictive sports of all time!

Focus SUP Hawaii support AWOW
AWOW Surf Therapy with Focus SUP Hawaii

A Walk on Water, aka AWOW, is a nonprofit organization that helps children unlock their inner athlete through the emotional and unforgettably transformative experience of surfing.

By making use of the ocean’s powers, AWOW offers life-changing surf therapy to children with unique needs and their families.

Focus SUP Hawaii has been involved with A Walk on Water from the beginning

Since moving from Hawaii to Los Angeles, being a local Los Angeles surf company has provided many opportunities for Focus to make connections within the community.

We began our collaboration in 2012, donating and providing our standard standup paddleboards for the nonprofit.

As time went on, our enthusiasm and relationship with AWOW grew deeper, along with the nonprofit’s impact.


Custom made surf boards for AWOW by Focus

It wasn’t until more recently and with the help of AWOW president, Steven Lippman, that Focus SUP Hawaii was able to create a line of custom boards dedicated to the organization.

Alongside Lippman, Focus SUP Hawaii designs and constructs boards that are user friendly for both the instructor and athlete.

The boards’ formation and customization is specific to A Walk on Water’s needs, technique, and athlete size.

Through the thoughtful and collaborative process, we have created a perfect board shape for kids of any background to catch a wave! Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, these special boards have made a huge splash in communities all over the country.


Focus SUP Hawaii shares the excitement of seeing the athletes shine at the AWOW events.

Our passion for the ocean and surfing has found a bigger purpose since beginning our work with AWOW, it’s an incomparable feeling being able to help the locals that are most deserving.

A Walk on Water inspires growth of individuals by creating positive and empowering experiences in their own community. We are honored to work with a charity that values the development of children, both emotionally and physically, through an activity so close to heart… surfing.

Jon Viscottadjust AWOW Focus surfboard