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Author: Rachel Senescu

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP for short) has been gaining popularity in most major beach towns for quite some time now. It’s really no surprise considering how easy and fun it can be. Not only is it a nice leisurely, low impact sort of sport that gives excellent calorie burning results, it’s also a great way to meet new people and connect to a network of healthy lifestyle advocates.

There are many people who think it looks as though it might be hard to do but in reality, once you get standing, keeping your balance is relatively easy, especially in calmer waters such as a lake or a meandering river. Even gently lapping ocean waves around a marina are a nice place to get some new stand-up paddle boarding experience in.

So, you might be curious as to whom is a good fit for the sport of Stand-Up Paddling?... The answer is pretty simple- everyone!

Yes, really- Everyone!

SUP for Everyone


The very young, the middle-aged, all the way to the senior citizen can have an amazingly fun experience and reap the benefit of some excellent cardio, core strength training and all-around muscle toning workout with very low impact on joints.

You don’t have to be extremely fit to get started, either. People of all body types and fitness levels easily get started and love the results they see. SUP is a great way to start getting back into shape and even lose weight.

You can even enjoy Yoga on your Stand-Up Paddle Board! Many people's dogs love it as well! It’s great for EVERYONE!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding for Kids and Teens

Children as young as 4 or 5 years old can really enjoy being introduced to the sport by being taken around for a ride on their parents' paddle board and will even get the hang of balancing and paddling right along with you quite quickly. In fact, Stand Up paddling is a great way to get your younger children to start feeling a bit more comfortable in water situations.

Not only will children and teens of all ages reap the benefit of a bit of exercise, they will also get a chance to really enjoy the beauty of nature, learn to appreciate the natural environment by witnessing it in action and exploring it while also learning why it is so important that we all do our part to take care of it. And of course, they will get the chance to hang out and bond with their parents (and siblings), which is so important at all stages and ages of growing up.


SUP for Kids and Teens


All this, while also building confidence in themselves and getting that rewarding feeling from using your body, connecting with the outdoors and getting a chance to vibe with friends and family away from the home-life and stress of school, work and other daily responsibilities.

Stand Up Paddling for Adults

You can get into SUP for the first time at any age in your life. Many adults, of all ages, discover Stand Up Paddling randomly and just make a decision to give it a try. Some are introduced by friends, family or co-workers and quickly realize all the benefits of SUP after a nice conversation about it and an invitation to join in.

In whatever way you are introduced to Stand Up Paddling, once you try it out, you either love it or you don’t. (Most people LOVE it!) Young and middle-aged adults who are into Stand-Up Paddling enjoy how much of a fitness workout they get for such a low amount of effort. You can easily burn upwards of 330 – 460 calories per hour of recreational paddling. That’s literally about twice the number of calories you would burn just walking around the local park or your neighborhood.

Stand Up Paddling for Adults


Not to mention, it’s a great way to meet new people in your community. It’s also a nice activity to do while getting to know that new “special someone” in your life and connect in a meaningful way while simultaneously having some fun. You might just get lucky enough to interact with some local wildlife in the water, too!

Stand Up Paddling for our Seniors

Now on the further end of the age spectrum, older seniors (in a good fitness stature) have a relatively easy time with Stand Up Paddling all the way up to 75 years and beyond! Most can still have a pretty easy time balancing and paddling their way into an amazingly low impact and calm workout of strength training and cardio conditioning that will leave them feeling energized, stronger and even more confident.

If an older person is just getting started in Stand-Up Paddling and don’t feel comfortable standing up yet, they can always start out sitting and straddling the board while paddling to get some core strengthening, light cardio and decent muscle training before getting to the standing position.

Stand Up Paddling for Adults

A few sessions of this can build up the muscles that will help them when finally trying out the standing position. It’s never too late to consider giving Stand Up Paddle Boarding a try and see how you like it. There’s a good chance that you will easily find some local SUP Rental locations near you to at least give a call and even go out to give it a try.

You can even try out a SUP YOGA class! It’s easy, very affordable and not only gets you on the road to a healthy fitness lifestyle but also gets you out enjoying nature and connecting with others in your community.

If you are the more adventurous type, you can try out SUP Surfing, which is very popular as well. There is beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes offered in most major beach towns around the United States and the world. It’s a really exhilarating experience and a killer workout!

Do yourself a favor and just give SUP a try!

If you have any questions about Stand-Up Paddling feel free to give us a call at Focus SUP Hawaii anytime, drop us an email or connect with us on Instagram!

Click on our Contact page to connect with us and we would love to introduce you to Stand Up Paddle Boarding or answer any questions about which board best fits your style of paddling!

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