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Summer is over and, for most people, that means vacations are over and it’s time to get back to the daily grind.
However, Fall is also a beautiful time of the year and it’s well worth it to check out some new destinations just to experience the season.

Here are some locations you can have a small adventure of seeing nature’s journey to sleep with all the yellows, burnt oranges, and reds fall has to offer.

Ozark Highlands, AK

A location no stranger to its beauty that it has detailed guides on biking and hiking trails, driving tours, peak season information and the best time and suggested settings for photography.

You can explore by boat or by land, with many trail options from the main highways or as deep as a back-country dirt road. This also means that paddleboarding is definitely an option for visitors! Check around for events and join up with other SUP enthusiasts basking in the beauty of nature.

Visit for details.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Starting around the end of September, fall foliage begins to show in Lake Tahoe. For the best places to see the fall foliage is in South Lake Tahoe at Hope Valley or Fallen Leaf Lake.

With that in mind, just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t take part in some water activity. You can bring your SUP to the lake while you take it all in!

Visit our friends at for information on SUP lessons, tours, or rentals.


Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, AZ

According to, Oct 1 – Nov 30 is one of the peak seasons and it’ll be easy to realize why. However, permits are required year-round with a limit of 50 total people in the permit areas per day.

Further details can be found on the website, but planning ahead is highly encouraged. Reservations can be made up to 13 weeks prior to your permit date.

Visit to register for a permit.

Emerald necklace trail, Boston, MA

Emerald Necklace Conservancy hosts a beautiful set of 6 parks and offers a variety of experiences. There are guided tours, sailing, and golf activities available on site.

The Arnold Arboretum is a site for many engagement and family photoshoots. In addition, there is also a zoo.

Visit for more information.

Finger Lakes, NY

Another spot on the list that allows for some paddleboarding: Finger Lakes in New York has a scenic overlook where you can take in the sight of Canandaigua Lake. There is even a fall festival that includes contests, crafts, and a unique array of foods.

Bring along your Focus SUP board and take yourself out on the lake after a day at the festival.

Check out for more details.

However way you decide to experience this fall, we encourage you to seek out an adventure and see nature.

If you are located in Southern California and are shopping for your own SUP boards, we invite you to visit our flagship shop for the best paddleboard deals in LA, CA before hitting the road on your next adventure.

Our address and shop hours are located at the bottom of our website.

Let the holiday season begin!

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