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"This is a race board. The production model of the 2017 Focus Bluefin is an extremely user-friendly and easy to learn race board that works well in all conditions and absolutely excels in choppy water and bumps. Stable yet highly maneuverable, the Bluefin is an excellent fitness and race board for paddlers of all abilities. Why? It simply works and will allow a paddler to develop their skills with the board instead of outgrowing their equipment."


Paddling the Focus Bluefin


" I’m a 5’6”, 150 lbs intermediate paddler and I had no difficulty stepping onto the Bluefin from a dock and paddling out in a harbor on my initial session with the board. The low entry nose rocker quickly skims along the surface without pushing water. As expected, the Bluefin was extremely stable in the flat water and had no difficulty popping over boat wakes or navigating through the wind chop buffeting over the harbor breakwall.

Buoy turns with the 14’ Bluefin were easily managed and I did not encounter a wobbly loss of stability when stepping back on the tail. This maneuver was aided in part by the texture and positioning of the deck pad. The deck pad extends back far enough to comfortably perform an aggressive buoy turn, but does not run so far back as to lure a paddler into a potentially compromising position directly on the edge of the board’s tail."

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