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Author: Rachel Senescu

Alright, it’s SUP time! You’ve been looking forward to this all week- you've got your SUP board, paddle, leash, plenty of sunscreen, towels and a change of clothes- all the essentials, right?

Wait a second... We definitely need some water to stay properly hydrated AND we can’t forget those all-important, healthy (and easy) on-the-go snacks. You CAN’T forget the snacks!

And yet, we’ve all been there before... Believe me, I know... it’s the worst, most disappointing thing when you’re all geared up for a nice, long SUP session at the beach (or lake), you get there and have a great time on the water... eventually, it’s time for a break. You make your way back to shore, plop down the SUP board, have some of that water you packed and then realize, hmm, you are kind of hungry... ‘Um, where are the snacks?’ That’s when it hits you...’Noooooo!’, you forgot the snacks!

Don’t worry, we’ve all done it AND learned to never repeat that mistake. Ok, now that we’ve had a proper (not too traumatic) reminder to never forget the snacks, let’s talk about some of our favorite, healthy, easy grab-n-go’s that will keep you energized while SUP’ing and satisfied until you decide it’s time to go get a real meal after an amazing day of paddling.


How to stay energized on your paddleboarding session




Hummus is a great source of plant-based protein, usually also made using garlic and olive oil, both extremely healthy and beneficial. Veggies, of course, are full of essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, you need something to scoop up that yummy hummus with. Fruit is going to give you some more of the carb energy boost while also providing a sweet note and some great antioxidants. That’s wasSUP.




It’s important to choose a lean meat and a low-fat cheese for this tasty, satisfying snack. You are trying to burn some calories during your SUP session, right? Some good meat choices are ham, chicken, turkey, even a turkey pepperoni for a semi-spicy kick. You could also go for a medium/ low-ish fat hot dog or sliced hot link, if you can find one low enough in fat for your liking. Nice low-fat cheeses are usually mozzarella, goat cheese and feta, but there are some cheddars and swiss cheeses that aren’t too far off as well.


Guac and chips are a classic snack. Pita chips are normally baked and usually contain a lot less fat than tortilla chips. They can also make this snack a little different and more interesting. Avocados are a delicious way to replace cheese on a cracker & meat snack, by the way. And the more veggies in a snack, the better, I think. So, always pack some extra veggie sticks. This combo is great for keeping you feeling full but not “stuffed” while you go back out on your SUP board for round 2 in the water.


Never underestimate the power of a good trail mix. You can buy your favorite pre-mixed bag or you can easily choose a few different nuts you like and then add your favorite dried fruit/ raisins. Nuts are a great source of protein, healthy fats and vitamins while the dried fruit provides some naturally sugary carb energy. Your favorite jerky is another excellent protein boosting option, usually containing practically no fat at all. Be sure to keep an eye on the salt content of your nuts and jerky.




Yea, you heard me... a good ol’ fashioned sandwich. 2 pieces of whole wheat or sourdough bread, meat, cheese, maybe some mustard, lettuce, tomato, even onions or thinly sliced bell peppers and cucumbers. Yes... it’s a perfectly balanced before or after workout go-to small meal. You can even do a classic peanut butter and jelly, if you’re into that. Just use a no-added sugar or very low sugar-based jelly/ preserves. You can even do fruit slices instead of the jam, if you like. Peaches, apples, plum, banana, strawberries. Endless possibilities for this SUP sandwich!

Let’s also make a quick note that you want your snacks to be a nice mix of protein, some healthy carbs and not too much fat or added sugar. If you eat before a good workout, make sure your meal (or snack) is anywhere from 2 hours – 30 minutes before you start paddling.

Don’t skimp on the protein. If your meal/ snack is before a paddleboard workout, the protein will help keep you feeling full for longer as well as help improve muscle protein synthesis during your exercise. If your protein rich snack is after a sweet SUP session, it will help rebuild/ repair muscles and other tissues.

A moderate amount of healthy carbs is also very important as carbohydrates are the main fuel source for your brain and muscles during physical exertion. It’s all about balance when it comes to healthy eating, just like keeping your balance on the SUP board.


Fruits before paddleboarding


Another thing to keep in mind, especially when at the beach- bring a cooler for 2 reasons. To keep any perishable meats/ cheeses at an appropriate cool temperature AND because of Seagulls. Those pesky lil’ guys can and WILL steal anything not weighted or enclosed in something sturdy and durable. There are small coolers in case you don’t want to lug a big one around.

Now go out and get your paddle on! FOCUS on your health & live the SUP and paddleboarding life!


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