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We are launching the “Every Board Counts” campaign from November 10th to November 30th.
The campaign offers 20% off every Focus SUP Hawaii, Rawson SUP, and Surf Diva to customers.
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Mo Crowned 2015 Salt Life Champion

Pacific Paddle Games // Mo Freitas Wins Big // 1st place on the technical race.

Check Out The // Mo Freitas Interview // on

Legendary surfboard shaper Pat Rawson explains in depth, the features of his
SUP board lineup with Focus SUP Hawaii

COREFLEX TECHNOLOGY // Only Available from // Focus SUP

Mo Freitas // Isreal - The Experience


The Focus SUP Story

Surfing always played a pivotal role in all of our lives and pretty much dictated where we ended up…

Focus SUP was created with the goal of bringing the best quality and value stand up paddle boards to SUP riders and surfers around the world.

We offer the best quality and best performing race, touring and surfing SUP boards on the market. Focus SUP boards are manufactured using 7 different technologies. ACT (Advanced Carbon Technology), EWE (EPS Wood Veneer Epoxy), RST (Rhino Skin Technology), FST (Focus Soft Technology), DST (Drop Stitch Technology). CFX (Core Flex Technology) as well as our VST (Veneer Sandwich Technology).

We make over 100 models of SUP Boards and have 3 licensed brands. At Focus we have the best products to fit your level of paddle experience, from entry level to expert.

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Focus SUP Board Line

Our tag line says it all; Your Life Your SUP. We have designed a complete lineup of SUP boards to fit all your activities. From Soft Top SUP’s to super light, performance Carbon Race and SUP Surf boards, you will find it all at Focus SUP.

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Boards For Your Activity

There are so many aspects to SUP board riding. Finding the right board that fits your activity, ability and style is the most important step when getting a SUP board. The Activity section has categories to find the best Focus SUP board to fits your needs.

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Focus SUP Accessories

To complement our amazing board line we also offer high quality SUP accessories which include leashes, paddles and board bags. Designed and tested in Hawaii, Focus SUP accessories are proven to be a great addition to the Focus board line.

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"I recently bought an 8'10" Torpedo - Focus Hawaii. After 2 minutes into my first session, I was so stoked on the board. It was still stable enough to were I did not fall off and was able to go down the line pretty fast. It was much easier to maneuvers to catch and ride waves. By my 2nd session I was doing late take offs, last minute wave catching and pulling some nice maneuvers on waves. I have forgotten all about the bigger board I thought I wanted."

− Joel Janc, Lavender Lounge Tea Company

"I bought a Focus 12'6 Turbo. I had been riding another brands 14' and expected by switching to a shorter race board I would lose some speed. I was blown away to find the 12'6 was faster. At 26" wide the stability was still good but the responsiveness and super light weight made a great combo!"

− Matt Hartnet

"I had been paddling different boards for a long time, I was not sure which brand would work best for me. Once I got on the Focus 9'6 Smoothie I had found my perfect board. With the ACT construction the board was so light and easy to carry, it has really nice glide for cruising."

− Amy Schumacher

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