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Torpedo Pro Surf Carbon Paddle Board 8'0

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We took the legendary Torpedo and gave it a bit of a makeover, turning it into a much sharper and more radical surf SUP designed for smooth rail to rail carving.

The TORPEDO PRO is ideal for experienced surfers wishing to progress their radical surfing skills. Built with a 4 + 1 fin setup and narrow squash tail, the Torpedo pro allows for sharp angle bottom turning and carving off the top of the most critical parts of the lip.

A single to double concave with a V in the tail area provides a strong grip on the water while pumping down the line. The noticeable V in the tail significantly contributes to maximal maneuverability and quickness of rail to rail surfing. Keeping a radical rocker line while adding extra volume in the front of the board the TORPEDO PRO is more stable and easily drops into waves.

We created very radical surf sup with aggressive surfing capabilities. Being short in length, with the perfect width and maximum liters of volume, the TORPEDO PRO merges both stability and radical surf capabilities.

Suitable for all riders wishing to progress their arsenal of maneuvers, the TORPEDO PRO is a board that is easy to handle in the water in between waves, yet is extremely quick and allows radical and aggressively sharp turns at any given moment when on the wave.

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Product Description

  • 8’0’ x 28’ x 4’’

    Volume: 104 Liters

    Weight: 19lbs

    Construction: Carbon VNT


Torpedo 8-0 rider skill levels