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SuperFast Turbo Race Carbon Paddle Board 14'0 x 21.5

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A collaboration between Focus SUP Hawaii and SUP shaper Ofir Ram led to a very unique and rule breaking board, the SUPER FAST.

Based on the Cali and Bluefin models, and just as it sounds, it is one of the fastest boards out there. To create the SUPER FAST, we combined years of knowledge and experience to construct the crown jewel of the SUP RACE world. A truly unique board, it is ideal for flatwater gliding and features elements that allow it to be SUPER FAST in up and downwind and in open ocean. Because of its high volume and speed, the SUPER FAST catches even the slightest bumps. It might feel a bit wobbly standing still because of the shape on both sides of the bottom of the board, but once you start to stroke, the speed, high volume, and thick rails give a stable and fast feeling.

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Product Description

  • 14'0 x 21.5"

    Volume 303 Liters

    Weight 26 lbs

    Construction Carbon ACT

Bluefin Turbo 14 rider skill levels
ACT - Carbon constructionAdvanced Carbon Tech is our most developed and cutting edge build process. Designed to be lightweight while keeping the strength and flex ability of the board.


Superfat Pro race paddleboard
SuperFast race sup board
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