Smoothie SUP

The Smoothie SUP will deliver the all around performance you need.

Torpedo Surf SUP

The Torpedo SUP unique design allows it to achieve real surf maneuvers and performance.

Inflatable SUP

The Focus SUP Inflatables are designed to be DURABLE.

Classic Surf SUP

The Classic Surf SUP boards are designed to perform and glide with classic longboard style.

Marlin Touring SUP

The MARLIN is a great expedition board designed for open ocean conditions and windy days on the lake.

Tundra Touring SUP

Tundra is a next generation all-around SUP designed for all experience levels.

R-Type Utility SUP

The R Type is built to sustain heavy use and is ideal for rental, camp, and recreational paddling activities.

Rawson Surf SUP

The Rawson Surf SUP board line allows you to achieve high performance surfing.

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