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Focus Ambassador Scott Vanne Vusse Takes 2nd in Open Class in Round the Rock Race

By September 13, 2012 Blog No Comments
In his own words:
“Had a great race Sunday on the new Cali 14.  Nitzan was in town for Round the Rock last year, it’s 13 miles around Mercer Island on Lake Washington in Seattle.  Unlike last year, I arrived at 7:30 to 60 degrees and wind blowing 15-20 from the SE (last year was 85, sunny, and 5 mph winds).  Given the weather the number of paddlers was down a bit, 153 for the 13 miler and 85 for the 3.5 miler.  They flipped the course from last year, so the first and last 3 miles were headed south into the wind.  Had a good start and was feeling good, sitting in the top 20 or so not wanting to go out too hard.  The east side of the island had a decent push from the wind with some small waves.  Re-assessed my pace about half way and was feeling good so kicked it up after losing the waves due to turning a corner on the island.  Passed some people and put a gap on the group I was with.  We came around the north end of the island and it was right into the wind and waves for the final 3-4 miles.  It was a grinder going from 6+ mph to about 4 mph into the wind and waves.  Had a good final leg, caught a couple more people, and extended the gap.  Ended up finishing 9th overall, 7th overall in the 14s (2 unlimiteds ahead), and 2nd overal in the Open class.  Really happy with the finish, on target with what I was hoping for and continuing to get faster through the season.  Definitely re-energized to get some more training in for BOP.
The new boards are great.  Really like the new shape.  Everyone who has taken them for a spin has liked them.  The stability was great in the rough conditions, but still carried good speed.  Figured out the weight distribution (moved back and forth a lot) in the ever changing conditions during Round the Rock which made a big difference in overall speed.  Awesome boards and I really appreciate the support from Focus.”
Thanks for sharing your experience Scott, keep up the good work, we look forward to seeing you at the BOP next month!

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